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Default Re: Concerns Members Have About Enforcement of Forum Rules

I agree with Seashore regarding the fact that it all seems to be decending in to really petty stuff...but I think the moderators are just doing their jobs and every one is thankfully opinionated and here to voice thier opinions... which is what a forum is surely about??? Where we all debate and listen to to totally opposit views as well as views that concur with our own.. this is how we enrich our selves with more questions, knowledge and challages...
But all this name calling (Trolls) and mud slinging??? Hello? What ever happened to all things being connected and sacred in their connection to Source... whether positive or negitive??? All part of the great all that is??
Surely this holiday season is about peace and love... Surely our human evolution is about empathy and live and let let live? Tollerance and open mindedness .... can every one just take a chill pill and big groupe hug for heavens sake??? This is a united forum??? and it should take a really dasterdly deed to be banned .. surely a warning or a repremand first??

I know the energies on the planet are very confused at the moment and much pent up energy is being released... me.. I'm as guilly of getting caught up in tight criticle self righteousness as much as any one .. I have been horrible to my poor 11 year old yesterday exploding in anger about her critisising my own messy house?? I'm trying to make it up to her and reflect on the energies around at the moment but please every one just take a step back and lets all look in the mirror and stop being criticle... I'm concentrating on Joy..peace .. love and blessings.. laughter and fortitude and much much light to you all.. what ever your opinions are!! I mean this from the bottom of my heart... We all need to get over our selves and laugh out loud!! And toast in the new year!!riginal :
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