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Default Re: Concerns Members Have About Enforcement of Forum Rules

I've been founder, and/or mod, and/or admin of a number of forums. Except for one, they were much smaller than this one and I can guarantee you that without mods this forum cannot survive. The main problem is its popularity AND it's free for posting. The little fee to post was the best moderation. When you put down money, you value what you do. There's no better moderation. Now that it's free, you get people posting who don't give a **** about the forum because they didn't work (put money) for using it. So based on my past experiences I think that right now is a critical moment for the survival of this forum. It will obviously won't go back to paid subscriptions and its popularity will increase with more careless posters everyday. My advice to the leading team is to take the ATS forums as an example. This is the best example I've seen on the net of a forum who managed to survive its popularity. I think if each mod here gets an account on ATS and start using their forums, you will get the feeling of what Avalon could be if it managed to survive its popularity and gratuity. BTW, I'm not an ATS member and I assumed it is free for posting. Correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, check their TOS and get a feel of what it is to be a new member there. I'm sure it will help to figure moderation and rules here.
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