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Default Re: Dormant volcano erupts in Iceland

Originally Posted by pyrangello View Post
Feardia, Edgar Casey said Atlantis would re-appear! Nordurland, hey I think the last time this blew was in 1918. My question is : In the event the other quake went off could this impact the atlantic conveyer current in the ocean or is there any talk of that right now? You need anything up there just ask, many will lend some help. I own a welding shop so if you want some extended stainless forks for roasting some hot dogs over the molten rock , let me know how long you want them . LoL , seriously , you stay safe up there Nory.
He he no, I haven't heard talk about that. But I have seen what Edgar Casey said about Atlantis. My oldest son have moved to another country and if something happend I am ready to go if someone can come and pick me up in boat he he
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