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Default Re: Red Letter Church

The subject of the return of Christ and the end of the world is often dealt with in a quick and somewhat evasive manner. It's a very touchy subject! But I am going to go where angels and most clergy fear to tread!

The Teachings of Jesus and the writings of Paul imply a soon return of Christ...2,000 years ago! What went wrong? Is this a case of wishful thinking mixed with false advertising? Is the return of Christ and the end of the world to be understood figuratively rather than literally? Are there prophecies which point to this present age as the time of the end?

Each generation of Christians have looked forward to the second coming of Christ, when wrongs will be righted, the righteous rewarded, the wicked punished, and pain and suffering eliminated! Heaven will be the new home of the righteous, and Hell the new home of the wicked! This is the common perception, but what is the reality?

My belief is that Earth is to be our home for a long, long time! If this belief is correct, then we need to take very, very good care of Planet Earth! My further belief is that few have internalized the principles of the Teachings of Jesus, and truly loved neighbor as self, or been responsible caretakers of Planet Earth!

Perhaps the second coming of Christ involves us coming to Christ for the first time! Perhaps Christ, the angels, and Heaven are already here! Perhaps when we become Christ-like and truly responsible human beings, then we will witness the 'return' of Christ! If one doesn't take proper care of a Ford, why should they be trusted with a Ferrari?! We treat our 'Ford' existence like we are in a demolition derby rather than a Concourse de Elegance!

For 2,000 years, Christianity has not made the Teachings of Jesus its doctrinal foundation and its rule of behavior! Even the writings of Paul are not expositions of the Teachings of Jesus! Did Paul preach a different Gospel? And throughout the centuries, Christendom did not make Christ's teachings first and foremost! The Roman Catholic Church didn't do it! Martin Luther didn't do it! Perhaps the Devil made them not do it! The Protestant Reformation was not primarily based upon the teachings of Christ! For most Christians over the past 2,000 years, Jesus has been a sacrificed savior, nailed to the cross, and nailed to the wall of the church...but not Lord, and His words have not had veto power over all others! If we love Jesus, we will do what He told us to do! Have Christians historically done what Jesus told them to do? Do Christians currently do what Jesus told them to do?

If we think we are impatient regarding the return of Christ, can you even begin to imagine how impatient the Holy Trinity and the angels are for the 'second coming of Christ!' It is our duty not to simply look forward to this event, but to help bring it about! It is a cooperation of the Divine and human which will make Heaven a reality rather than a figment of the imagination, or an opiate of the people!

I do not believe that life in Heaven will be a problem free existence, but rather that the absurdities and atrocities of our present life will cease to exist! We will truly love each other and take proper care of our beautiful yet fragile planet! We will walk with God, as Enoch did!

What about the wicked! Will they burn in Hell forever and ever?! Absolutely not! If they did...with God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit presiding over this inferno, what monsters the Holy Trinity would be! And would the righteous really enjoy Heaven while their friends, neighbors, co-workers, and relatives screamed and writhed for countless millions of years as sinners in the hands of an angry God?!

On the other hand, will Adolph Hitler be joyfully welcomed into Heaven, to enjoy its benefits with those he sent to the death camps?! Absolutely not! I believe that the irresponsible, unrighteous, unloving, unrepentant wicked will get a Devil's Island to live on, to reflect upon their folly, corruption, and outright stupidity! I always knew the moon was there for a reason! What if earth is a sort of Devil's Island? The door from this hellish existence to the bliss of Heaven will remain forever open, but with very stringent conditions for obtaining a passport! These conditions would undoubtedly involve facing the reality of one's shipwrecked life in excruciating detail! And subsequent repentance, restitution, and a complete reformation of character! This might take a long, long time! It might never, ever happen!

Admittedly, the above paragraphs are general and speculative! But I believe that they are reasonable, and consistent with the teachings of Christ, especially in principle and concept. They are rough sketches of something that is undoubtedly a magnificent masterpiece! World without end!

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