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Thanks so much GateKeeper for helping me keep order in my little shop here. I will use this "sticky" topic to park some of the interesting posts which otherwise disappear in the fast growing threads. I want to say to you that you are the Gate Keeper of one of the most (if not the best) advanced experiments on the internet. It is an honor to help and assist you here.

Here is my update in astrological terms for Sept & Oct 08 now

Here is my "Situation Zone" where i post relevant current things

"An inconvenient opinion" by myself :-)

In answer to many requests....

AND HERE is the "TALK BACK LIVE" Topic thread
where any one can contribute positive thoughts

((Hint idea suggestion for posters, readers and visitors:
If I can develop my presentation on all the other threads, then we could keep responses and questions and your interactivity in the "Talk Back Live" (599) thread and then my work would be easier to follow for people who join in later to watch the other threads develop, because "I know things" and I have some little plan in mind how to display my suggestions over time...))

HERE is a post that replicated my original 29 August 08 prediction on the internet, and this post has caused quite a stir on the many forums world-wide. OK please see the explanation on the SOURCE link quoted at the bottom of the original 1st post. ( )

SURFING THE APOCALYPSE - posted by AquaLight;read=212496

Peace & success to all of us in this Avalon venture worldwide

Michael St.Clair

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