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Default Re: Contradictions.

"And I am getting more confused."

that is precisely their point and they have been quite effective at it!

"Can someone please explain to me certain things."

tall order seeing as that information would be coming from a fellow human being and therefore distorted.

"if there is going to be a tremendous disaster in the near future and most people will die( and the ruling elites know about this) why are certain forces still trying to make us sicker, weaker, dumber."

would you settle for just the 'tremendous disaster' if they stop the 'sicker, weaker, dumber' efforts? do you think the ruling elites will give up their agenda because they feel there may be a great catastrophe? what about the survivors of such a catastrophe? will not these survivors need someone to cater to their victim mentality?

"Why are they stirring up conflicts in various parts of the earth?"

has the earth ever been free of conflict? i dont see the elite personally armed and fighting in those conflicts do you? so whose doing the killing and conflicting?

"To me it would be understandable only in one case: there won't be any disaster in the future that's why they have to proceed with their sinister agenda."

don't forget that the survivors of said catastrophe will need tending to if indeed there really is any disaster at all. maybe those involved in the conflicting and killing will be a disaster unto themselves thus sparing any natural intervention

"Is that a warning to humanity or does someone want to scare people for the sake of scaring?"

fear and nervousness accompany the feeling of being scared. being scared is strictly an individual choice in all circumstances. fear is the name of the game, the more it is experienced the greater will be the manifestation of the elite plan. choose your responses to this world wisely

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