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Default My dream last night seemed to be a premanition.

Here we are at the day of the eclipse (In India). Last night have a ton of trouble sleeping. I woke up from about 1 am (eastern time zone) and about 5 times there after. I am usually a very heavy sleeper and don't have problems like this. Each time I awoke I felt further and further in a trance with very very mild flu like symptoms. Each time I woke up I chugged a bottle of water and went back to bed only to awake in the same dream each time. The dream begins: I went to bed the night before and awoke to quite the bit of commotion going on out side at what seemed to be 1am-ish. I go out side and there was military on my street along side local cops setting up a giant fence. There were lots of K-9's present. I then go outside to investigate. I made it to the gate which I then tried to touch and my hand went right through (it was a hologram) I was then approached by a local cop and K-9. I touched the cop and dog and again went right through them. He looked at me oddly and ordered me back into my residence and told me not to come out. No further details given. I then went inside to awake my family and from there i black out for a bit. I think this was my 1st wake up. My memory comes back to the dream and I seem to be out of the house. It was just my son and I (jude whose 3 yrs old) I was at a body of water (a lake or pond) I knew I was not far from my house. I was observing the K9's going into water and after fish that seemed to be going crazy all over the pond. All other wild life was as well going crazy. Birds particularly were flying very odd patterns. I remember thinking what do I do and where is my Fiance and daughter (1yrs old Eden) I looked around and first thought well I need transportation. Then I black out again ( maybe I awoke again not shur) When I go back to the dream Im in a space where i receive a knock on the door (I was not at home and I was not in a store) I Then was greeted by a man. I remember my fear and confusion I dont know dose this man symbolize he who takes care of us all? Any who he says it is of great importance that I come with him. I told him of my Fiance and Daughter he said we must go 1st we will get them. He begins driving a 4x4 large vehicle. I see the cops and the fence and he just drove right thru them. After a few scary mob scenes he plowd out of the way with the vehicle (not run over but made them move) we came to a secluded are drove for a bit and arrived at the safe place. He marks this for me as tho on a map except no map givin. The mark was in my head. I then became frantic about saving my daughter and fiance I was desprite. He asked how much $ I had. I gave him 28 bucks exactly claiming that was all but I had a few hundred cash in my wallet i kept silent about. He said this would be just enough. We then drove back to my house in the burbs thru all the craziness again. My fiance begins with where have you been whats happening ect. I took my daughter and told her to come the time is now we must go. I grabbed a few odds n ends cloths and went to leave and she wasn't there I yelled to hurry or the man would leave. she said she would and I went to the 4x4. I then put all my stuff in there strapped my daughter down made shur my son was in and told him to wait. He said we have to go now and started off. I look back and saw my fiance running with cloths in hand. I yelled hysterically to stop shes right there. He did she got in. We then revisit the pond and go to a convenience store. I buy all the food I can while they wait in the car. When I go out he takes off. I remember the empty feeling of not being able to help or control what happens to my family. I some how knew that they were on there way to the safe place marked in my head. I then begin on foot my journey on "the road" this is when I woke up and the dream ended. The feeling of this actually happening was the most mixed ive ever felt. I felt Fear, Helpless, but taken care of, and Happy that I would see the over throwing of a tyrannical govt. I knew I felt I would probably die but it was not the end so I had this slight comfort. I felt my family was taken care of but I was sad not to be able to be with or see them again if I did die. When I awoke it felt a heavy trance I couldn't shake off like a flu was setting in. I went out side and very mildly threw up. got some coffee and now am just fine but shaken from the experience. Is there any thoughts or similarities to other dreams out there? Thanks for the time! Loads of Love
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