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Arrow Phytomphalos

Phytomphalos with the appels.

I collected a couple of plasicbags with appels - Some was laying on the grass and others i took down myself.

I transported the appels (on bike) into the city.

Big picture

I use a machine that makes fruits into liquids\fluids. (machine makes a-bit noise)

And then i use a simple coffe-filter - I make sure that i have enough filters..
And then after a few rounds through the filters...

It looks golden - And taste golden - And proberly full of all sorts of natural medicine.

Just made it today 14 october08 -

Anyway - It was really fun to create such a great product in my own kitchen - only the cost of teh filters..

(I have cleaned the bottels with a bottle-cleaner-brush-thing) Took off the stickers that said Cogio.

Nice bottles i think.
Nice design.

And offcourse i went and gave some to the people next door...
High quality appel-drink.

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