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Default Re: Where to go: Polar ice melting (Map), Wars in the world, other possible catastrop

Originally Posted by lock'N'load View Post
This is what little Boriska was talking about.
I wouldn't worry about Moscow being underwater next year. At least not from polar ice cap melting. Whilst it has been estimated that if all the polar ice melted (which will NEVER happen...even a huge 6 degree rise would leave the poles well below zero) you would get the same result as the illustration, we have to understand that polar ice cap melting is a very slow process.

They've been melting for years around the peripheries due to the warming climate and the sea level hasn't risen one tiny bit yet. The coast that I knew 30 years ago is still the coast.

I'm not saying that melting will not increase the sea level in future, but if it does happen it won't happen quickly.

if Moscow is to be underwater next year then it can only be from a massive flood or tsunami.
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