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Default Re: X men - 5 Dollar Ft. long Subs-cryptionite

This post is about all the Peter Pans of the World.Michael Jack - Sun was the archetypal Xample used by the unseen hand, to steer the masses in the direction towards, the misuse of the sexual energy.When we realize that all we see in this world are archetypes of divine principles,it is then we began to transcend form.

Where the Rainbow Ends'

In the movie Eyes Wide Shut, the seemingly programmed/tranced girls say they're going to take Tom to (Where the rainbow ends).

This idea similar to another popular one of the time flying to Neverland ,and Peter Pan taking young children on a magic flight to Neverland (Neverland/Wonderland/Oz/Narnia/etc; it's all the same deal, to save their parents, from a dragon of sexual desire.This idea of where the rainbow ends is a story of the rising of kundalini from the sexual root Chakra(Winter solstice) to the crown Chakra of Summer(Summer solstice),in the signs of Cancer and Leo.This is where the Peter pans of sexual desire, die in Never Neverland,refusing to grow up and recycle their sexual energy.

Peter Pan - The original title was Peter and Wendy

In mythology, the god Pan was a fertility god, most often represented as a sexually insatiable, well-hung beast of the forest and woodlands.
Pan is a solar god, and as most ancient cultures see the sun as flying through the sky, or being carried in the sky. Peter Pan's flying comes from this particular aspect of the folk god.

Another aspect of Pan ,is that of the Horned God. In this aspect, Pan was often associated and
identified with the Devil. Like the symbolic carnal nature, Peter Pan is hooved, horned,flies by night, and seduces innocent young girls. As the word Peter is often used as slang for the penis,(Coke) or phallus, it is surmised that the name Peter Pan translates roughly to Phallic God .This is where we get the word Pedophile from, which is a play on words for Peter Phile.This occult knowledge also sheds light on the green witch that rides the broom or phallic through the skies.

Peter pan is an archetype of the carnal nature being dominant in ones life.

Peter Pan is symbolic of grown men who refuse to grow up and take responsibility for their actions. Peter Pan refuses to grow up, and Instead he indulges in escapist fantasies and runs wildly with
small boys in secluded caves. Peter Pan runs away from his past (repression and denial) and blames Captain Hook for all the evils in the world (projection). Peter's own crusade against evil (reaction formation) stems from
his superego insecurities. Peter's Shadow represents his paranoiac tendencies and his persecution complex.

The first Sod(soil) -- A in our culture was Coke,Coined-- The Real Thing.This Cok was also called a Sod- A POP ,hence the term pop culture,the culture of the phallic or Penis.
AKA The King of POP = phallic and Rock is the feminine

Below is another xample of Phallic worship, as Pepsi premotes the king of the Soda Pop's 12 inch record.Notice how the name of the artist, is 12 inches long in harmony with the solar record.

The Peter Pan's - World stage Occult formula

1. Abused or rebelious children,, dream about leaving home.(Harry Potter)

2. The children's dreams are answered when a drug dealer arrives (in the guise of a friend)aka Peter and his Pixie dust.

3. The children subsequently become drug addicted and are taken away to live in a new place under the control of the handlers.

4. The children are forced to give sexual favors to the unconcsious adults,in order to gratify the PeterPhilic desires.

5. The children manage to escape and return home after a serious of
mishaps and adventures.

6. The children are glad to be home and vow to behave themselves

The moral in the story was placed to attract adults to purchase the book
and read it to their children. However it is a shallow, false stab at morality, in that the other 99% of the story is comprised of attempts to sexualize the world's children and convert them into mass phallic worship.

Sexual Metaphors used the Peter Pan formula

The plank is a phallic symbol. Wendy and Peter's punishment is to walk the plank, a metaphor for intercourse with Captain Hook. The edge of the
plank is the brink of the Captain's sexual peak. Jumping off the plank is a release, a climax. The prisoner falls into the wet waters far below after the peak is reached.

Sea Nymphs with pixie dust = Nymphomanics of the sexual desire

captain Hook = impotence created by the misuse of the sexual energy.

The Alligator =reincarnation= being swallowed up at the weighing of the scales, as depicted in the Egyptian judgement Prapyrus.

The Islands

Never Never Land consists of a series of small islands, representing the feelings of isolation of all the main characters.

Skull Rock
Skull Rock, that foreboding monolith, is the most powerful representation of death and resurection in the entire story. The characters view it differently: Most fear it
because they are afraid of reprisals for homosexual or promiscuous behavior.


Swords as phallic symbols, figure prominently throughout the story. To Captain Hook, the sword represents his desire to have a longer penis and to conquer the world.
As the sword is a symbolic representation of his penis, Captain Hook repeatedly thrusts the sword into the faces of his friends and enemies a like, representing
his power over them, raping them symbolically. Peter Pan's sword is shorter but more skilled, possibly representing sexual frustration at having a small endowment, but also symbolizing his persistent
goal of acquiring skill with which to use his tool. "Quality not quantity.

The Pirates

The pirates, in their servitude to Captain Hook, are the minions. With their assistance, Hook terrorizes Never Never Land and rapes,pillages and plunders. The pirates spend a lot of time drunk, it can be inferred, although most readers may not have noticed that it is not rum or beer the pirates drink, but actually the blood of kittens and helpless babes which have been sacrificed to their Lord and Master.

The Lost Boys

The shirt says :No girls allowed :

The Lost Boys are delinquents to an even greater extent than Peter Pan.These rebels without a cause follow blindly their Phallic leader. The Lost Boys have all run away from home ( to escape sexual abuse) and now
must sexually satisfy Peter(aka sexual desire). They are continually abused by Peter in that they are forced to give him their sexual favors, they are condemned to live in a damp cave, and they must eat their own cooking. The cave symbolizes the black,dark wombs of their mothers, and despite the abuse, the Lost Boys continually prefer the cave to returning home to face up to their own sexual complexes.

Captain Hook

Captain Hook represents continous misuse of the sexual energy , while Peter represents abuse in early stages of life . Captain Hook's loss of a hand represents his castration anxiety. His hook itself represents the captain's handicapped sexual skills and inability to maintain an erection. Captain Hook's impotence
Due to schizophrenic tendencies, Captain
Hook hears voices and imagines he hears a ticking clock (representing his fear of his own impending death) inside the womb-like belly of the alligator. The clock also is symbolic of the phallus rising as the (Coke) crows with the rising of the large Solar Disc .

This is the symbol of the king of britain and also the TBN logo of channel 21This Gate is a symbol of the masters of the sexual energy.This is the language of Pendar the Penis Dragon.
Notice the seven(hills) Chakras,where the rainbow ends and begans.

Some of us get traped in Neverland,the land of southern comfort.

As the old king of pop faded away, another one has surfaced in the minds of unaware children and adults alike.
His Name is not POP but bob aka Sponge bob Square PAN-- TS- Another clever plot to keep the sexual energy trapped down in the Salty Sea, soaked up by the sponge of carnal desire, and trapped in a Water World..

The next post will be on the king of Pop archetypal portrayal of the Under world, Rise of the LYCANS, Aka Peter Wolf.

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