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Hello, Everyone:

There are a lot of changes going on at the moment, and I wanted to take this opportunity to open up a thread to communicate with old and new friends at the Avalon Forum, to answer questions and be open to communication.

As Karen has already stated elsewhere, Kerry and I are very heavily overloaded and it's only for this reason we've not been posting here: as it is, it's a risk, because of the danger of raising expectations which I or we might not be able to meet.

I invited Kerry to join me in an update thread, but she asked me to pass on her best wishes and declined gracefully. She prefers not to use the written word and for her it's just too time-consuming - which some of you will understand very well. She has her new radio show starting on 10 December - first guest, David Wilcock - and I won't be taking part in that because of the time zone difference [3 to 5 am in Europe].

However, we'll also be starting a commercial-free audio blog, probably for an hour a week with the opportunity to give conversational updates and take calls. We'll announce that as soon as we have it nailed. So between us, we have several ways to talk to Camelot visitors, who are now numbering a million a month.

Many thanks to all of you for your enormous support and energy the last year. We do read your e-mails, but all too often have no time to reply. Let's see how this goes here. I have no suggested format, but I'm happy to answer questions (if I can) and generally offer updates on this thread. I won't be posting anywhere else, so this is the place to look for me.

Final note: we're glad that the decision to make the forum free has been well-received. We're aware that for the mods it might be quite a headache with a rush of new members (or old ones coming back). My personal request - and I say this as a member as you all are - is that the moderation should be fair and always courteous but tough if necessary in order to maintain the high tone of the forum. For all those who regard this as your forum home, please assist in whatever way is needed to keep this a great place to visit every day.

Very best wishes to all - Bill
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