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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Bill , first and foremost Cudo's to you and Kerry for starting a place for many of us to come together to talk openly about what are thoughts and beliefs are without feeling alienated talking to family members or friends and being looked upon as some type of wacko. This site is home for many and a place to feed off one another and learn as there are some really talented and spiritual souls here and those who never posts but are just as important as those that do.

Your opinion please :
1)Chemtrails- harmful , not harmful or a mixed bag around the world?

2)Flu- As it is subsiding the first wave can we expect wave 2 or 3 this year. Thanks for the D-3 advise too?

3)What are the percentage of white hats (good guys) around the world vs. the dark side, U.S. and world .?

Thanks for all you both do. it's appreciated more than you know!
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