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Default Re: 2012 & Earth History

How does she know this? Is this a fictional version of galactic history? The gods forgot to brief me on these matters. If this is true and accurate...I would think this sort of information would be communicated by a grey to a group of scientists with cosmic security clearances at Sandia, Dulce, or Los Alamos...and not to common folk like me. Those who know...don't reveal. Those who reveal...don't know. At least now I know that I'm a Base Four Mutation. Glad I got that cleared up. If this stuff is true...this universe is in a horrible mess. Unbelievable horrors have occured, and are occurring, throughout the universe. I just want to think happy thoughts...and ascend the heck out of this matrix...even if I have to pass through a regressive negatively polarized torsional wormhole at warp-speed. Whatcha gonna do when Anu comes for you?

I was thinking that:

Apes + Dinosaurs = Reptilians = Lemurians = Earth's Crust Dwellers
Aliens = Aryans = Atlanteans = Pleiadians = Hollow Earth Dwellers = Giza Intelligence = Gods of This World
Insane Base Four Mutations = Us

Just speculation. After listening to the first three parts...I don't think I'm right...but I'm going to leave this here to make conversation.

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