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Default Re: 2012 & Earth History

Went off and checked out Freedoom Teachings.
and now I'm reading all the newcomer material. Its kinda sad to think of all the **** thats going on here is a microcosm of everything thats being going on for such a long time.

Bbut I still have to think about the fact that this kind of **** didnt always belong to the human race. i always believed that this state of the shadow self wasnt natural.
So much of the descriptions about physics made so much sense to me as I had been interested in sacred geometry and quantum physics.
I really felt like this was stuff I was remembering and had not heard for the first time. Also I think David Icke talked about the same ideas, they dont contradict at all, also Michael Tsarion, Carlos Casteneda's books, Don Juan saying that to gain awareness in this reality we had to be impeccable warriors, that most people forget who and what they are but we have a chance to die and keep our awareness. That was why he was a sorcerer.

It just seems to tie in with a lot of stuff I've been reading for such the last ten years.
As always i shall practice descernment.
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