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Default Re: Biophotons and conscious intention/manifestation

Wow, lots of this stuff is way over my head. But i do get some of it. I VERY MUCH appreciate this discussion and the apparent level that it is on! I find it extremly interesting, and I do hope you will continue expanding on your theories here.

Maybe it would even be appropriate to conduct experiments further on regarding this subject matter. From what i can understand of the "mechanics" of biophotons and transmitting/reciving streams of light/information, an experiment might just be the next step in this discussion.

have either of you or anyone else any opinions about sun activity and increased solar radiation has amplified our DNA emissions, thereby enabling more creative powers to change reality?
I have definitly noticed increased creative abilites in my life recently! I donīt know if it has to do with me actually trying more to manifest recently, or some other change in the enviroment, or maybe they are interconnected?

Cheers guys! Keep more good brainstorming coming!
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