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Default Re: Survival requirements after an (almost) ELE?

Do we really? I mean do "you," or do "I"? We have been too dependent on the "wonders" of civilization, and are too attuned to its multifarious facets to have even a modicum of conception of how things can be when all is gone!
But I am belabouring a point here! What we need, for sheer survival, are "farmers" who know farming pat, "hunters" who are skillful, "weavers" who can weave clothes, "builders" to take care of constructing safe settlements, "metal workers" who can cast/forge, etc. -- in short a basic village community to get things going, while at the time we slowly forget our knowledge over a period of time as we won't have the existing electronic records/books which we take so much for granted.
It will be a grand regression in terms of knowledge!!
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