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Originally Posted by RoloGreen View Post
Hello my friends ,

Im located in Stockholm at the moment with the plan to find a new location because i know that the Northen part of the world its not gona look so good in the future and Sweden its a police controled state so.... there s no place for me here,i have to move.
English,Swedish,Romanian fluent i understand also Italian and a litle bit of Spanish so if u r intrested in contact me to change ideeas , to.... , i dont know ,everything its on ur mind about everything thats related to 2012 and whats happening in the world at the moment just write a email to me.

With rescpect ,
Rolo Green

"Destiny comes to those who listen, and fate finds the rest.

So learn what you can learn, do what you can do, and never give up hope! "

Marshall Masters
zup man, im located in stockholm to. Cheers..
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