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Originally Posted by zuni View Post
sorry can you give a quick translation....and do you know something about the cash situation in europe........???i heard in spain each person can only withdraw 20,000 euros ......
We are discussing some stuff that David Icke talked about on his appearance at the Alex Jones radio show. This thread is mainly about keeping an eye on rumours coming from the US since thatīs where the NWO are hitting hard for the moment.

About the cash issue. I have no idea actually. But I know that Iceland is in real trouble. Their private banks are about to get bailed out by the state (not a federal bank). Ireland got flamed by France and Germany for doing the same thing. Today there was a great meeting with all the EU ministers of finance. They are trying to find a common solution to the problem and promise that no bank will go bankrupt.

Other news from sweden is that we are very embarassed over the fact that our minister of finanace has a pony tail and we are willing to give him half of the state treasury to cut it off.

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