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Default Re: Gangstalking and Covert Harrassment

Mi wife and I have been openly gangstalked for many years .
There is a reason for it . The victim might know a state secret , might have discovered some important scandal or might have some non political correct ideas . In our case we did a family search . My wife was told at the age of 50 years in 1995 that she was an adopted person . Becasue of this very late disclosure and some other strange cincumstances , my wife decided to to a family search and we discovered the identity of the birth mother and at least a couple of other children . One of those was a judge in th High Court of Australia . In 2003 we discovered that we were followed and harassed by unknown people . There were strangers clicking the cellular phone in our face every 200 metres , cars following us , phones monitored and we were subjected to psychological operation . This state of affairs has been going on in our face for at least 5 years , but who knows for how long we were monitored in a covert fashion .
We know that the secret identity of the Judge in question is the problem .
We think the chap knew in advance of many decades that he was going to be appointed to that position . My wife career as a High School teacher was derailed in the early 1990s and the good judge was appointed in the late 1990 s. The Judge has a daughter that resembles very closely my wife ....
The LOOKING GLASS technology comes to mind !
We escaped from Australia in 2004 , we are now in Italy . We attended the Zurich conference and we were monitored there too . We estimated that up to 20 undercover spooks were in the audience for various reasons including
us . Gangstalking is real and there are thousands of victims of this government sponsored crime . The Stasi police has not gone away with the fall of the wall , but it has multiplied and exists in many so called democracies the EU , US , Australia and other New World Order bastions .
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