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Default Re: What Will It Take to Defeat the "New World Order"?

You can't defeat the "New World Order". To try, or to even think about it, you're playing in polarity. They are the spider to your fly, in the polarity game. Right and wrong. Good and evil. Just and unjust. To play is to lose. It's baked into the cake.

So by corollary, they've already lost. So lets party.

It really doesn't take anything like 51% to change societal vectors. Listening to the recent Clif High interview, posted in another thread, he made an analogy to the ongoing American Revolution. (He doesn't call it the second American Revolution, because he believes the first one isn't over yet!!!) What he said was that all it took was 3% of the population to decide they wanted to become independent of England, and it was just a matter of time before it became a done deal.

Many have talked about the minute numbers necessary to affect change. James of Wingmakers said his data showed that a threshold of only about 12 million people would shift the consciousness enough to bring about a change.

At 3%, we'd need 180 million to agree to not play with the NWO guys, and it would be impossible for them to force the issue. I believe those numbers are already surpassed.

There are obviously enough of us already with our heads screwed on straight, as evidenced by all the ways in which the predicted events supposed to be perpetrated by the NWO have decidedly NOT come to pass.

Most of the unpleasantnesses to come over the next few years are akin to labour pains. Nothing more. The vaccine will be ignored. The wars will break down. We'll do our own disclosure. The usurious banking practices will implode on themselves. Politicos will be tossed out. And we can get on with the big job in front of us. IE: restoring our biosphere, food production, education system, health and well being arts, clean technology, etc.

There is no need to fight. In fact that would be counter productive at this point.

It's OK for us to throw our energies into productive endeavours. And stop reacting to the NWO comedians. Reaction is 3D. Choice is 4D. I choose to move forward.
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