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Default Re: What Will It Take to Defeat the "New World Order"?

Originally Posted by Seashore View Post
I disagree with you.

But I choose not to break down your post and reply.

I didn't start this thread to have a debate about whether or not to defeat the New World Order.

I'm looking for suggestions for how to defeat the New World Order.
Here's a suggestion. Don't play with them. That's the only way to win anymore. To defeat, implies, fight, implies conflict, implies opposing positions, implies polarity, implies 3D immersion.

NWO should now say "New (3D) World Order". They have no more game as we emigrate out of 3D and into 4D. 3D is characterized by polarity. It's what 3D was created to immerse us in, so we could learn to be and let be. Live and let live.

So the NWO want desperately to keeps us moored in 3D where they control things. There they sit, sweating profusely, saying "hey, where ya going? Looky here! we're planning horrible things for you! Aren't you worried? Don't we scare you? You'd better watch us very carefully, because you never know what we're up to...HAHAHAHA".

Meanwhile, we forget all about where our real power lies. In CREATION of a desirable future.

Perhaps examine how you FEEL after watching the N3dWO comedy routine. Do you feel better? or does your space shrink in around you? Do you feel like getting out and doing something constructive? or do you feel like warning people of all the horrible things planned for them?

It's choice, as always. Nobody can hold your face to the newspaper or television or doom and gloom website, although they'd probably like to convince you that they can. It's your choice where you put your attention, and attention placed, is Law Of Attraction engaged.

By asking the question "how can we defeat the NWO?", you are admitting defeat yourself. (Not meant personally, but rather rhetorically)

PS: when I say "that's the only way to win anymore", I'm not implying that somebody else loses. I'm talking about a lossless game. One where everybody wins. I'm talking about elevating the playing field to embrace such an idea. Not winning as in overcoming the NWO.

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