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Default Re: What Will It Take to Defeat the "New World Order"?

Originally Posted by Myplanet2 View Post
...NWO should now say "New (3D) World Order". They have no more game as we emigrate out of 3D and into 4D....
Thank you for your civil reply!

The above statement assumes that it is fact that we're changing from "3D" to "4D." I don't assume that.

I am glad you have posted this because I have had the concept of "ascension" on my mind lately and I am looking for information about it. Several months back I started a thread "What Is Ascension?" but I did not resolve the issue for myself back then. And today I am very skeptical about it.

I'm also wondering lately about George Green's Handbook for the New Paradigm series (yes, I have read the whole series), and the information put out by people such as Drunvalo Melchizedek, Gregg Braden, and Jose Arguelles.

I would prefer not to have a debate on these things on this thread. And I respectfully ask that we not have a debate on these things on this thread.
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