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Default Re: Today my 6 year old girl got the Swine Flu Vaccine and I'm scared!

This may be a bit off topic, but are the schools turning into medical clinics? Is it legal for them to administer vaccines without parental permission? This sounds very authoritarian in nature...

I never had kids, mainly because I foresaw the time we are in and didn't want to bring children into a world that was about to be propelled into negativity, lack, pandemics, war and chaos. At this point I have no regrets, not sure I would handle it well if my child came home to inform me that she/he was forced to take a vaccination at school. Now that would be a real test...for sure.

You're handling this very well Tamerie, although it would be wise if you followed up your positive thinking with some natural "preventative" medicine. Even though your daughter is an advanced soul, it's wise to take action to at least counteract things like mercury with Zeolite and flush her system other contaminants in vaccines. Unless BOTH you and your daughter are trained in natural or psychic healing modalities it's like playing Russian Roulette "trusting" there won't be side effects, especially if her immune system may still be a bit compromised from the leukemia.
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