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Default Re: Jordanus Maximus and Why I Have Trouble Taking Project Camelot Seriously Anymore

[QUOTE=kriya;257934]Me too!

I have my doubts about Jordon Maxwell simply because he is an advocate of Theosophy, which is Luciferian, and of the darkside.

No offence intended Kriya, but, "darkside", "lightside"...goodies, baddies...I really tire of these hasty judgments and ultimatums.

I listened to a recent interview and JW said he was influenced 1% by Theosophy and the writings of M Blavatsky.
He did say, however, that he respected people who followed the seeking of knowledge and wisdom teachings with passion...

Personally, over the years, I have appreciated the research and contributions of JW. Yet his alignment with Z Sitchin and sumerian clay translations (with the coming of Marduk and so forth) does not ring true for me.
I also tune off when JW rants about how stupid and moronic humans are...this is so unnecessary and is degrading to hear. But not one of us is fully enlightened. and so it is.

However, I find there is always something from me to learn from ALL researchers; something for me to consider. I do not always have to agree and ceratainly, not everything rings true.

I do not need to dismiss a person as "illuminati" (what does this mean exactly?) plus their long years of work and dedication to their passion and truth seeking interest.

I believe we are ALL compromised by the illuminati to varying degrees and at the same time we are ALL connected. We are all changing depending upon how we think of ourselves and others...

This is the game.
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