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Default Re: Jordanus Maximus and Why I Have Trouble Taking Project Camelot Seriously Anymore

IMHO, Ghandi said there is truth in all religion. I personally think that all religions have inspirational stories on how to be a better human being. There are two important elements in all of them "Faith" and "Love". The rest is just a way to control people. I believe that the real truth is inside all of us.

In regards to Zeitgeist, I will say that I don't agree with his presentation about religion. But I do agree that the current Religious Leaders use it as a form of control. But the main point of Zeitgeist is the Monetary System which have created slaves out all of us. I am from the Banking Industry and I agree with his theory that if money was out our lives most of our current problems would be gone.

The main issue with society today is education and lack of awareness. I believe TPB don't want society to be aware of their actions and by keeping them ignorant and busy with other things ex: the economy, rising prices, etc.

Light and Love to all
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