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Default Re: Jordanus Maximus and Why I Have Trouble Taking Project Camelot Seriously Anymore

Brian En:

The most difficult ones are the conspiracies within the conspiracies. Motives are hard to deduce in the people in the public eye unless there are hard core facts.
Great points. Thanks for sharing. I believe you're right about these conspiracies within conspiracies. I've been suprised about what I've found in that you hear something you think is the truth, then you peel another layer back and you find it isn't the truth at all, then you need to peel that onion again to get at the truth. I've seen this in the areas of medicine, sciences, history, you name it.

I think we have a human tendency us truth seekers which gets us into a lot of trouble. That is that when we see a problem in the world we seek the truth, so we look for the people speaking against the thing we think is wrong, and because they speak against it we're more likely to let our guard down and believe what they say without as much question. They seem to come across as the good guys! But, unfortunately I've found that there's a layer of disinformation there designed to trap the truthies and distract them. Jordan and other's like him I feel are part of that. For example I used to love and believe Gregg Braden until I found that just about everything he says is miscommunicated balony and fiction. The only thing I still like about him is his commentary on the "lost mode of prayer", though even that smacks a bit of the new age movement.

Here's a quick expose on Braden too. Gregg Braden Debunked:

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