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Smile Newfoundland & Labrador

Seeing as there isn't a thread already for this unique and magical land, I will start one. I have been to every province in this great country and have explored most of the maritime ones extensively but no place anywhere is like Newfoundland. The extreme age of the land is part of the magic that captivates those who set foot there.

I have explored the island twice, since the first trip in 2002 my wife and i have been yearning to return to see if the magic we felt the first time there was real. We returned along with our 17 year old daughter in July of 2009. The magic was incredible and had us overwhelmed with tears of joy on many occasions.
I really have no words to accurately describe what the coast of Avalon looks and feels like but I will post some vids
here that seem to describe what you can expect..

"The Rock" is not for tourists, but explorers like us never want to leave and forever try to return.
God bless Newfoundland and all that lives there

"On your journey through life, make sure your biography
has at least one extraordinary chapter."

"Throughout this land, for thousands of years,
it's been said that everything has a spirit.

Not surprisingly, it's where you might find your own."

"And so they came, fearless warriors, out to discover a new world."

"In a world oddly bent on conformity, there's something
strangely encouraging about a place that's anything but."


So.. Are there any Newfs out there?
"For those with their eyes shut, no explanation will suffice.
For those with their eyes open, no explanation is necessary."

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