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Default Re: Odd, intriguing and alarming UFO files released oct 20th

Originally Posted by CosmicFever View Post
There's deceit going on here of universal proportions. One of my mottos is "Beware of Strangers Bearing Gifts". Your enemy always acts as a friend when they first appear on the scene. I feel the only way out of this is for the human race, along with all living things (which is everything), to come together as one and save ourselves.
Absolutely. Deceit in the form of half truths and misleading information, as well as the withholding of information. All that once added together conjure up a lie of cosmic proportions.

As Krishnamurti said, do not trust anyone who promises you something in this world, or in the other one.

Before all things alive unite to eventually break through the event horizon of this condition, the relationship with energies that lie beyond the universe will have to be horizontalized. Before this happens at the universal scale, which is an extremely long time scale, this relationship must first be horizontalized right here. And this is the goal of the next cycles.

Very good points CosmicFever.
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