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Default Re: The Long Predicted and Awaited October-Surprise?

Thanks RaKaR.

They made it just in time. Almost a November surprise.

So blair dimed out the old bush crew, huh?
Pretty surprising.
Whoever blair sang to must have had something right huge on the limey b@stard.

So, I can't seem to find any confirmation on this though. I've found two other very recent (12 hours) unflattering blair stories, here and here, but nothing like this so far.

If this is indeed true though, we may be very close to a bottle neck so to speak.

I know that you're just posting this story R, but I'll ask you anyway.
Who is it that blair is confessing to exactly?

Andrea Merkel is the lynch pin? She was caught diverting funds to bush crew?

very interesting R,
I'll keep my eye on this for sure.
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