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Wink What Really Happened to Our Economy and the Transitions Ahead

Hello members of Avalon. I found a good source (part one) that explains what really happened to our economy. And it will also explain the natural transitions we will experience due to these changes. You will notice many articles on the news reflecting the economic changes.

I know what we all experienced and are experiencing is shocking. So now we must all come together and evaluate what we do from here. Remain positive.
Be rational. Here is part two of the video.

Here is the video description:

In this Brand New DVD presentation Don and David McAlvany analyze the financial market chaos of 2008 and its immediate impact on the real world economy of 2009 and beyond. After viewing this exclusive presentation you will better understand how to solidify your future and protect your assets. It's your choice. Order your FREE copy today at or call 800 525 9556
I know the media can put you in the dark. These videos help explain more on what really happened.

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