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Default Re: What Really Happened to Our Economy and the Transitions Ahead

Originally Posted by everready View Post
Hi everyone,

I haven't had time yet to watch the film summary, but I have a few questions maybe someone could answer. For example, all the banks are falling, but I can still walk to the shops and buy food. I can still get petrol, buy clothes, eat at a restaurant and order stuff online. i can still do anything I want basically. So why and when would THIS reality start to change? And what would be the first signs of this to see ..

I'm just not seeing any signs in real time yet that the problems are as real as we read about - so how can this be??? Any feedback appreciated ..
Just my view and not really as informed as i should be, however:-

If your bank fails then its likely you wont be using your card.

If the same bank fails, the businesses which use that bank for short term borrowing for cash flow, ie to buy stock befoer they get a large payment in, cant use that bank for short term cash flow so then they need cash and quick, then they start the fire sale. Big reductions.

If this was a company supplying food then its fair to say a certain supply of a certain food may be delayed or lost forever. If this was a budget company then the people who shopped there would have to go elsewhere and thus creating higher general demand for that product and higher prices.

It started to affect you years ago and ina way always has. Higher energy and food costs.

i suppose you want to know what factors have the biggest effect so that they cause you massive short term problems with access to cash and resources. Their plan is the problem, reaction solution scenario but slowly and one area at a time. Depending on your views, they cant benefit from a full blown countrywide economic crash, banking, transport, logistics etc. Thats more likely to create more crime and a higher risk of civil war.

How can you prepare? have multiple bank accounts and multiple credit cards available as a last resort. Spread your savings around etc

And apart from the Avalon ground crew related stuff towards off the grid self sufficiency I cant think of much more right now this moment
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