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Hey ! Did I ever tell you...

(thought I better post first then edit in case some one else got in there first lol)

... that I used to see the number 66 all over the place?

I've never really noticed numbers, except for the time 11:11 a lot on my first digital watches and clocks circa 1977-8.

But I went out with a girl who lived at street number 66 in a street in Berlin.. and thereafter I'd see it everywhere... all things seemed to have the number 66. Used to bother me a bit, cause I wasn't too sure if it was the right relationship... (and was this a sign of some meddling presence in my life? ) and being a bit squeamish at the time, thought it was only one 6 short of a rather important number.

But I never saw three sixes... only ever two. I wondered if it was just that I was tuned to recognising this number, or if it had a special numerological significance.

For example my first name has six letters and so does my last.

Never had a satisfactory answer to its significance. don't see it so much anymore, but when I do, I smile

and lookie here... it's the very same number of this post !!

Eeek !

Back to you Swanny, thanks for this thread by the way... numbers are fun.. and I've always been good at maths

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