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Originally Posted by Spregovori View Post
You know...light warrior...there is ...some sort of "absence" of light in your post...but this...the ending...well now...this just "brightness/illuminates" the whole you...

Not all "light warriors" are in the game of spreading only "love and light". some of them have fought a long hard battle against the dark. And it is with love of the human soul that spurs one on to do such battle.

Had you read the previous post of one such warrior, you would see that swords were drawn, and not by him, as he stated he wanted a peaceful solution.

It takes a strong and dedicated warrior to stand up to the darkness after the first blow...a death blow at that, if my scans are correct. And he has come out swinging. I guarantee you he is not swinging with "love and light"...... As it should be.

You can try to shine the light of love on darkness, to make it go away..but if it does not...then that's when the real warriors come out play.

When one puts their life on the should be recognized....I do so recognize....and am grateful for such warriors.

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