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Thuban Thoughts is back! Thank-you Karen!

There's not a lot here to get excited about...especially compared with the other Thuban threads. This one's the tamest of the far. Now that it's back...I may not post much more...before the whole forum goes read-only...and I slowly fade away into the shadows. If anyone has anything to add...this is the time to do it. That dragonian constitution should probably be dissected...if nothing else. I may eventually wade through the whole Q&A...but I just can't get into it right now. I still don't know what just happened. This whole abraxasinas/Thuban thing was/is quite bizarre. I'm probably going to spend a lot of time privately fantasizing about the United States of the Solar System instead. My secret vice is blinding me regarding everything else.

Someday I would like to have an internet one on one with the one who I think might be Hathor/Mary...but that's a real long-shot. I'm not actually trying to achieve anything. I'm just curious. The Thuban group could conceivably be cultish...and I don't wish to become involved in that sort of a situation. I do intend to spend some time on Tony's website...but not in a question/answer forum. I just want to study what is posted there. I feel comfortable with Avalon...and I have no desire to become involved in other this point in time anyway. When I'm engaged in posting on Avalon...I don't fantasize about other forums. I'm searching for happiness...and I have deep needs. But when I log on to Avalon...I am not searching for happiness...or trying to fulfill my needs. I am searching for truth...plain and simple. This thread is really no big deal. I'm not a doctor of anything...especially Thuban don't get too worked-up regarding what I post on this thread. I'm just thinking my own way...and in my own time. Plus...I might be 100% wrong.

Constant Thought Triage may be the biggest lesson to be learned from this whole thing. Hopefully it's teaching us how to think about some very strange things. This might even be a marketable job skill in the coming months and years.

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