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Default Re: Serious question about popping the question (could use women's advice here)

Put those pre-mature butterflys in an incubator QUICK!!! Sorry, but that statement really tickled my funny bone
All the suggestions here are great. I especially loved eXchangers idea of a gumball or candy ring and slowly eating/licking it off while telling her you have an important question to ask, BRILLIANT!! But personally as a woman, back this gesture up with something tangeable, like cloud9's suggestion of a nice silver ring with a beautiful gemstone or two in it. I know that most if not all girls love sparklys, doesn't matter the cost, as long as it shimmers and shines like the glow on your face when you propose. Or perhaps with a poem written from your heart, i love this idea, but then i love poems
Anyhow, congratulations!!! I hope your cruise becomes the most romantic time of your life. Much joy, Raven
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