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Default Re: Obama's State of the Union Address - 01/27/10

Originally Posted by JudgeMental View Post
For those that missed the broadcast. No ET Discloser. And the same BS. More lies about the financial situation. And lies about letters he reads each night. Everything he says is nonsense for the sheeple. Strong words that mean nothing.

Watch as our world dies, with thunderous applause.
Thats why I don't waste my time with speeches by puppets. Unfortunately, too many are uninformed to the extent they actually believe Obama or any other president for that matter, have any real power, when they simply don't. There will never ever be an announcement of this magnitude by any president, and to expect these things and generating hype is setting ones self up for pure disappointment.

As HumbleJanitor so graciously put it, we don't need these liars to affirm anything for us we already know, never expect truth be told by proven liars.
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