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Default Re: Obama's State of the Union Address - 01/27/10

Let us hope that our next "president" is a woman... A mother... how about the Great mother of us all... Gaia!

The only way these a-holes will give up power is if we take it back from them...
Originally Posted by Carol View Post
I was told that the woman president (whoever she is) will end up being a really good thing for this nation. So it doesn't matter who it is.. what matters is the job she does. Of course others are already predicting Obama will be the next president. However, my source on this is pretty good so we'll just have to wait it out. Besides, next election is 2012. Who knows what is going on by that date.

As for the Clintons being crooks... the Bushes make the Clintons look like milk toast. Bush senior is the worst disaster this nation ever underwent and was one of the people behind JFKs demise. His son was responsible for thousands of innocent people being murdered in a war that was unfounded. Sorry, we may not like the Clintons.. and I certainly didn't like the slippery zipper but Clinton did leave the economy in good shape. But the Bushes are far worse and they are going to push for Jeb in 2012 and his daddy personally told me so.

Also, my inside source told me three years before Jr was elected that the fix was in for him and Florida was the key. And that is the way the apple fell.
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