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Default Re: Obama's State of the Union Address - 01/27/10

In my humble opinion the President, no matter who he or she may be is only a "lightning rod" the path of least resistance, it is the House, the Senate and the Cabinet that makes these decisions and the President takes the public lashing.

A US President is a figure head, nothing more nothing less. One has to ask why doesn't the President have the highest "need to know." The answer is because the President is powerless, sure he/she can veto a bill here and there, and can suggest to the House and Senate how to solve this or that, but they do not have to follow through.

The whole system is joke. It does not matter who takes up residence at the White House it will always be the same as long as the same crusty, rich, old white men who do not give a damn about anything except support for the next election cycle are calling the shots.

The whole system is set up in a way that even those that initially go into politics to help the general public get so overwhelmed with the power that they now wield get corrupted very fast and lose all connection with us "commoners."

It matters not who the President is as long as these "lifelong" Senators and Congressmen are in office. It is time the American people do a little "spring cleaning" Capital Hill.

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