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Default Re: Obama's State of the Union Address - 01/27/10

I am an independent voter now , I had the sound off during the BS hour and almost threw up watching spring butt third in line to the president Millionaire I need a 747 60k a weekend trip Pelosi jump up and down in jubilation. I just turned it all off and played with my dogs.

More people are loosing there jobs in michigan , it's not getting better here . I am busy but it is very disturbing as to what is happening as these people don't have a clue that bigger government is not the answer, it is cut, cut, cut and put the money back in the pockets of the people and business to create a greater tax base for the government and better living standard for the people. Only 8% of Obamas cabinet came from backgrounds of private business before they hired on. The rest have made it there lifelong duty as to how do we take money from people and give only part of it back to them in addition to borrowing money we have no intention of ever paying back.

The out of touch insane are now running the insane asylum !
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