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Default Strange phone call from my pharmacist

I have been pondering this and it's driving me nuts..

The call came in at 2:06 today, the pharmacist(accent I never heard before) asked If I am Jurjan Stodder (yes that's my real name), And I said yes, this is she, he proceeds to tell me that my doctor had declined on my prescription (a refill) I told him I hadn't a clue of what he was talking about, That I hadn't seen any doctor for my meds in over 8 months, I asked him what the scripted was for,as all my scripts are done with, He said hold on let me check on that, puts me on hold ( music, silence, music) for about a minute, then comes back on and says, thank you, I am sorry for the inconvenience, have a good day.

Am I paranoid or is something up, I have had issues with doctors and there stinkin pushed shots and so on through out my life,

Also if the script was real why decline something I would need without a reason?

And if it where real, why wait little over 8 months to inform me of this.
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