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Default Re: Do you think frequency devices hinder ascension?

I think that anything electromagnetic can either interfere with or enhance one's own electromagnetic field. As far as cell phones, computers, tv's, microwave frequencies and others, they can definitely mess up your own frequencies, BUT, if you have already managed to raise your vibrational frequency level and are aware of the effects these things can have on you, you can control whether or not you accept the harmful effects of potentially harmful frequencies and even subliminal mind control techniques. If you have no control over your personal vibrational field then yes, you can be very negatively affected.

There are some wonderful machines that can truly enhance your personal electromagnetic field, such as the Papimi machine, the MRS2000 and the Bemer 3000, to mention 3 of the best ones. These machines create a pulsating electromagnetic frequency field and are very therapeutic with powerful healing effects on a cellular level. They can help reverse the negative effects of frequencies that disrupt our energy field.

Within 10 30-minute treatments with a Papimi machine all the severe symptoms of a stroke I had a few years ago were reversed. I also felt better than I had felt in many years. Since then I have extensively researched many different machines and am planning on buying an MRS2000 in the not too distant future since I reached the conclusion that it was somewhat better than the Bemer. There are many YouTube videos on both the MRS2000 and Bemer 3000 if anyone is interested in researching them. The US stopped allowing the Papimi machine to be used here a few years ago and the FDA stopped the clinical trials. There may have been some technical problems they used as an excuse to do so, but basically it worked too well for too many things, from healing cancer to HIV and so many other incredible results that it would definitely have been disliked by the medical cartels.

Speaking of beneficial frequencies, the Solfeggio frequencies can also be quite healing and I know there is at least one thread in here about them. Youtube has some good Solfeggio frequencies to listen to.

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