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Default Re: Do you think frequency devices hinder ascension?

Hello Peace of Mind. I am sorry not to answer directly to your question, but the heaviest burden that prevent anyone to "ascend" is the tremendous challenge to "Let go"...

In order to ascend, there are many things we all cherish that we will simply have to let behind. In these things, among the hardest are some of the greatest achievement we are so proud of. It is crude, but to ascend, we got to be lighter, in all its meaning. For some, it might means to let behind cherish people, or cherish talents, or cherish fortunes...

Forgiveness... is also necessary to alleviate ourselves for a complete New Beginning. It might look obvious at first sight. But, really, if one dedicates him/her self to this path, the rest becomes of little importance.

Namaste, Steven

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