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Default Re: Do you think frequency devices hinder ascension?

Peace of mind,
We humans do not require "devices" of any kind to help us in our spiritual growth, as that is what ascension is.

I believe, anyone who is true to their heart, and care more about their fellow humans, then money, has already began the ascension process, as they have learned the most important lesson of all, that love transcends all, and the gifts we receive from love, do not cost anything, as the gifts we give in love, also, do not cost anything.

It is "love" that raises our frequency, not man made devices, or new age crystals etc. It does not matter how many books we read, or how many "conventions" we go to.

So yes, frequency devices do hinder, as all the emphasis has left the heart, and has gone back to the brain, because the brain is saying, we can do this much faster if we just think. There is no fast way, it is a process that cannot be rushed.

love & light
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