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Default Re: Do you think frequency devices hinder ascension?


Although I do understand the science behind what you’re presenting, I’ll be a bit cautious in listening to frequency tones; they can be detrimental to ones evolution. Natural fluctuations are the safest way to go. I also think Acupuncture can be harmful as well as beneficial (depending on whose practicing the procedure). Just visualize a modulator or machine emitting electrical pulses hooked up to the pins…I think the vibrations can unlock blockages and/or cause other illnesses…if not done correctly.

Feardia, that’s an interesting vid, I’ll look more into this, thanks.

Steve and Rosie thanks, as always, you are some good people…

I agree that love and having a higher consciousness/awareness will aid in ascension, but for those that are oblivious to the many deliberate attempts in keeping the masses in lower frequencies might not have a chance for evolving. With all the speculations about HAARP and mind control, it is easy to believe frequency devices play a big part in regulating the moods of the unaware.

Rationally explaining ascension has always been a controversial subject. IMO, this process is about believing in your abilities by casting away all fears. The planet as well as its inhabitants is going thru a phase, a interval where the alignment of Earth and other celestial objects/planets, stars will cause rapid oscillation in the frequency of all matter…making everything lighter. During this process, the thoughts created by humans are meeting less resistance…therefore manifestations (desired or undesired) are rapidly forming. Without this knowledge many will suffer. If people are in bad moods they might not have the usual leisure time to change their mind or attitudes toward a giving issue, their world can swiftly become too chaotic for them to handle. You can see this now. People are in misery because they rarely reflect before reacting, and now that time is speeding up most people are not yet mentally equip to adapt…this can and will cause more misery and hopelessness. With that said, now imagine if these frequency devices were also modifying the brain waves and body energies of the unsuspecting. That ain’t right…

With Ascension…I find it hard to believe that people will leave behind or lose everything they created…not without choice. I do believe everything causing strife, neglect, and disharmony will be removed so the entities that are in resonance with the planet can continue to prosper and evolve without the negativity. Leaving behind everything you put your love into doesn’t sound appealing, it sounds more like excepting death before journeying off into another realm. If this is the case, than it is with greater concern that this phenomenon it is not being properly explained…possibly because the very idea cannot be confirmed…at least not logically, yet. If love is focused on negative/lower vibrations…I can easily see the point you guys are getting at.

This is just my logical analysis on ascension. Not only does most of the other ideas of ascension have too many holes in them…No one has yet to prove them to be anything other than theories. The only other theory of ascension that makes some sense involves Egyptology, where the sun will aid in DNA activation by sending solar flares with information to be absorbed thru the skin. Hard to prove that too, especially when TPTB is responsible for most of the missing ancient artifacts of Earth’s history. I guess in due time we will all know the truth…until than I’m compel to serve the coffee to any and everyone looking for a better life. Watching people go about their day in sadness and ignorance is just not in my makeup. We all deserve a chance…many here were sleeping too at one time.

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