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Default Re: Do you think frequency devices hinder ascension?

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Although I do understand the science behind what you’re presenting, I’ll be a bit cautious in listening to frequency tones; they can be detrimental to ones evolution. Natural fluctuations are the safest way to go. I also think Acupuncture can be harmful as well as beneficial (depending on whose practicing the procedure). Just visualize a modulator or machine emitting electrical pulses hooked up to the pins…I think the vibrations can unlock blockages and/or cause other illnesses…if not done correctly.
Peace, I agree that frequency tones "ccould" be detrimental to ones evolution, but only IF you are at the point where it would affect you that way. Nothing is black or white only. I can also accept that acupuncture could be harmful to some. However, you do not have to accept the negative effects of anything. You are all powerful.

The two frequency machines I like most, the MRS2000 and the Bemer 3000 are very close to the natural magnetic resonance of the earth, called the Schumann Resonance. The inherent frequency of the earth is 7.8hz and our brains resonate at that frequency. Negative frequencies change our natural frequency and we have also deprived ourselves of replenishing it by no longer walking the earth as we used to do. Many now live in cities, inside most of the time and are subjected daily to the damaging frequencies from cell phones, computers, tv's, etc.

The MRS2000 and the Bemer can counteract these effects and restore ones natural frequency. Having experienced the effects myself I can tell you with conviction that these machines are very valuable for meditation purposes and have the ability to return your cells to normal functioning which in turn allows your body to work properly and heal you from just about any disease... VERY quickly in many cases.

Originally Posted by Peace of mind View Post
Ascension…I find it hard to believe that people will leave behind or lose everything they created…not without choice. I do believe everything causing strife, neglect, and disharmony will be removed so the entities that are in resonance with the planet can continue to prosper and evolve without the negativity. Leaving behind everything you put your love into doesn’t sound appealing, it sounds more like excepting death before journeying off into another realm. If this is the case, than it is with greater concern that this phenomenon it is not being properly explained…possibly because the very idea cannot be confirmed…at least not logically, yet. If love is focused on negative/lower vibrations…I can easily see the point you guys are getting at.
If by Ascension one means raising your vibrational frequency while in your body to the point that your body becomes light and appears to be invisible to others, I would say at that point there is nothing to leave behind. Although I have not had the Ascension experience I have left my body many hundreds of times and traveled on other dimensions. There was never a thought about giving up anything. When you gain the ultimate power of Love, there is nothing to lose and nothing to give up.

I read The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield in the mid 90's. It's quite an exciting "New Age" book about Ascension written as a fictional journey. You might enjoy reading it as it leads one to an understanding of one good view of ascension.

Personally I have never seen the need to Ascend when one can simply leave the body behind without raising one's vibrational frequency to the point where the body disappears from the 3D world along with soul. I'm sure there are theories about why this may be advantageous, but perhaps it is unnecessary. I felt that it was completely unnecessary when I was travelling out of body which is one of the reasons why I had no interest in pursuing Ascension. Maybe leaving the body consciously is similar to Ascension and one could do either/or.

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