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Default Re: KUNLUN NEI GUNG - Ecstatic Bliss

by Max Christensen

This method as given to me by a hung-moon teacher in Taos, New Mexico.

Sit in a chair, feet flat with your fist closed on top of your thighs. Sit for a moment until the mind is empty and relaxed. Imagine, in the middle dantien (about three finger widths below the navel). area, a small, golf ball sized ball of glowing matter. This matter looks like a hot coal from a fire. It glows and it has hot vapor around it.

See it as very real within the center of your chest.

Now inhale through your nose gently, enough so that you can hold your breath in a neutral state (about 2/3 of capacity). After the inhalation, swallow hard with a gulping sound, tuck your chin, but keep the spine and neck aligned.

Slightly tighten the anus, so energy doesn’t leak, now hold the breath neutrally. You will feel like your air will dissipate quickly, so if this happens inhale tiny amount of air, to get the neutral feeling. If you over-inflated, blow some air out.

As you are running out of air, relax.

You will begin to feel this implosive, shrinking feeling as your lungs convulse for air. The energy will begin to ping-pong up and down in your chest. It may feel like you are going to die, but you won’t. Relax more and with your mind, see the coal getting brighter and brighter, hotter and hotter, so when you feel you can’t hold it anymore, say to yourself, melt, melt, see the heat melt the body.

If you can hang in this state and keep melting more and more each time the (death) feeling hits, you may feel like you are going to transition over into another energetic form.

If you do it right, an orgasmic hiccup and a surge of intense bliss arises. After this, exhale slowly through the mouth and repeat twice more, but only inhale once between sets or youll lose the effect.

This opens the deepest part of the emotions, so be prepared and do not do this more than twice a month……carefully.

See if you can break the barrier.

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