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Default Re: Dr. Michael Salla (oct. update): Secret UN meetings continue

hi all. my thoughts exactly on what china meant by "u.s should pay". i think they mean financial cost of disruption to the economic system post-disclosure. if facts are true, this seams to be related to the main point of contention as stated in point #6 of the most recent meetings (how to distribute e.t technology). i can see them now, each country jostling for their piece of the e.t pie. it's likely that china and others are contending that the u.s has already benefited, and they (china and others) are deserving of a bigger slice or the first slice.

this ties in nicely to one of the points made in zeitgeist, that highly advanced technology does not distribute fluidly through our current economic system. how do you sell free energy? there comes a point in technological abundance where the distribution of that technology by means of capitalization is cumbersome at best, stupid at worst. if an international group of 6th graders were tasked to distribute advanced e.t technology on earth, we'd be teleporting instead of arguing.
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