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Default Re: Dr. Michael Salla (oct. update): Secret UN meetings continue

Originally Posted by martian31v View Post
it's likely that china and others are contending that the u.s has already benefited, and they (china and others) are deserving of a bigger slice or the first slice.
That may be a valid point!

If it is true that China and others are contending USA for the benefits/burdens, the disputes correlates quite reasonably with the current financial crisis in the world. Think about this: China, Japan, and other countries have loaned USA a lot of money for the past decades. However, they have been realizing more and more that a big portion of the money went to the black projects of US military and corporations to reverse-engineer and apply alien technology (a fraction of the original i'd say) to gain a competitive advantage over other nations. So, these out-of-the-loop countries can demand, legitimately and naturally, that USA either diffuse the technology, or pay off the principal and interests of the loans.

It's like a person (let's say Chang or Mitsubishi) saw his friend (Let's say Joe) holding a GREAT gadget in his hand, and then got to know that the gadget was financed using money borrowed from him (Chang or Mitsubishi) recently. Chang/Mitsubishi would naturally burst into anger: "What?! You spent my money on that??? Come'on, Joe, let me play that toy or you pay me back the money ...". But Joe goes: "I am not sure if I should let you play the toy, it's too dangerous for you folks. Besides, I need to borrow some more from you guys." Then the rest is history. "MORE money? Here busts your bubble, Joe!" says Chang/Mitsubishi.

As for the statement:
Source A said India was "impossible to deal with".
I guess this has something to do with India's population explosion. China has been controlling her population through (successful) One-Child Policy. However, it is difficult for India and Indonesia to control their population because of religion and the diversity of their sub-cultures and languages. If the disclosure relates to population reduction/control, it will be understandable for India to reject certain terms of disclosure at their first response. "Do you know how many languages we speak and how many religions we believe in India?" They would say.
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