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Default Re: Clear Your Debts 70% of Credit Agreements Are Unenforcable Therefore NON repayabl

Originally Posted by Average Joe View Post
Apologies for being even blunter, but how many times will you miss my point? We could do this all day. Actually no we couldn't, because I give up.

So, 650 or 1,250 of your hard earned to cancel your debts eh? And can you guarantee to get out of ALL debts? I bet you can't.

650 or 1,250 you have to pay for the privelidge of ripping your creditors off?


I'm done here.
Ha hell no. You still believe they are loosing something dont you?

Like I said, in no way at all is our club a debt cancellation service. Its a flow blown financial education programme and then some. Millionaires dont even have a clue about half of what we teach.

In fact just to prove a point id be happy to spend time writing letters backwards and forwards for you just to show you how the banks are acting outside of the law and how we act inside of the law when challenging them.

I know we cant do this as you have no debt. Im not selling anything, it just so happens that I saw this thread and dont like seeing people advertise themselves for getting rid of 70 percent of folks debt because of legal 'loopholes' and errors in the agreement etc. Its just not what we do. We go much deeper and ethics and honesty are too important for us.

Oh and in this world there are no guarantees and I make no promises but if one of own friends or family get into financial trouble and are pretty guaranteed to default then I will help them out with what I know. Corruption is everywhere as you know. The judges are involved too but they cant bend their own rules too much or else they get exposed so we have to bery careful when we play their game.

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