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Default Re: Clear Your Debts 70% of Credit Agreements Are Unenforcable Therefore NON repayabl

Originally Posted by Mike_Jetson View Post
Nobody has lost 10 grand. Here:-

"First you must understand that in our money system there are no funds because there is technically, no money. There is only debt and debt instruments that are used in place of money. They used your name to create a trust with themselves named as trustees, and they have used that trust as collateral on the national debt. That collateralization is in an asset account for the trust after it was monetized on the world money market. The process #3 establishes YOUR right as the trustor and takes that trust back under your control. Under your control you can transfer trust assets to the trust debt account, thereby discharging the debt.

You next must understand that the debt is not yours personally. You have, since you began doing money transactions, functioned as a voluntary fiduciary representative for that trust account, paying its bills with your own phony money. When you set up your first checking account, you accepted this relationship with the trust the government had set up in your name. You have not had control of this trust because you never claimed it and your parents could not control it for you because they were wards of the State like you. "

Research Fractional Reserve Banking. Banks at one point could lend 9 for every 1 they took on deposit. The problem is, when that 9 is paid back into the bank, the banks decides to multiply it by 9 again. In one step all this money has appeared from 1

The only reason we hit crisis this time around was a lack of confidence among banks. If they has stuck to the fractional reserve banking ratio then it wouldnt matter so much when debtors had trouble paying. They would hold enough cash on deposit to cover it. Not if they have unlawfully bypassed the system and created way too much 'money' from fresh air.

This is not about a loophole. Its about the law being broken by the creators of debt
Money only works if people have trust and confidence and that is disappearing. There goes the great god of materialism.
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